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Women in Web3 & AI Spotlight 

Amy-Rose jpeg.jpeg


COO of Blockchain Australia 

Amy-Rose, in her role as Chief Operating Officer at Blockchain Australia, is pivotal in advocating for and supporting the blockchain industry. 

Nickie Scriven

Founder & CEO of Chief Meta Chicks 

Nickie Scriven GAICD is a Non-Executive Director, experienced CEO and the Founder and CEO of Chief Meta Chicks, a women's tech start-up community; and Alchemy8 Media, an independent marketing consultancy and full service advertising and media agency.

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Jo Roca 

Blockchain Developer for Labrys 

Advancing from her former role as an English teacher, Jo Rocca has successfully traversed into an exciting world of Blockchain development in the last two and a half years. Largely self-taught, she now showcases her talent at Labrys, Australia's leading onshore Blockchain consultancy.

Maryna Kovalenko.jpeg

Maryna Kovalenko

Co-founder of Syla 

Maryna is the Tax Co-Founder @ Syla, she is a Chartered Tax Adviser and a member of the Institute of Public Accountants with extensive experience in accounting, audit, and tax. Maryna is also a Certified Chair and acts as a Board Advisor to crypto startups. Maryna has a passion for cryptocurrency and has specialised in crypto tax since 2018 providing advisory and compliance services to private wealth and businesses. With Syla, Maryna is solving crypto tax for everyday investors and tax professionals through software and automation. She is inspiring more professionals to make the leap into the world of web3 and blockchain.

Debora Kocak .jpeg

Debora Kocak

Founder of Granton  

Deb, a seasoned lawyer, is the founder of Granton, a consultancy aiding startups in grants, R&D incentives, and accelerators. She's already helped 50+ clients, securing over $6 million in grants. With a background in web2 startups, Deb transitioned into web3 as COO of Move to Earn App PUML in 2021. There, she spearheaded a token launch, crafted NFT collections, forged web3 partnerships, and implemented AI automation. Deb's expertise spans the dynamic realms of law, grants, and emerging technologies.

Viloa Hui .jpeg

Viola Hui

Web3 Marketing Manager

Viola Hui, Marketing Manager for the Virgo Cryptocurrency Exchange, champions the mainstream adoption of blockchain and cryptocurrency. With a wealth of experience collaborating with diverse web3 enterprises, including DEX, CEX, NFT marketplaces, and blockchain organisations, Viola has honed her expertise in digital marketing and helped onboard more new users to the ecosystem. Her journey began at Queensland University of Technology, where she graduated with a degree in marketing, laying the foundation for her career in the dynamic realm of blockchain technology.

Mellissah Smith.jpeg

Mellissah Smith

Founder of Robotic Marketer 

Mellissah Smith is a serial entrepreneur having successfully grown three companies internationally. From marketing and publishing to AI technology, Mellissah has been at the forefront of innovation and business for more than 25 years. Her company Marketing Eye has been named in the "Top 10 Marketing Strategy Consulting Firms" in the US. She is a published author, well-known public speaker, philanthropist and mentor. Mellissah is also the founder of The World Incubator, a not-for-profit that helps rural and regional community startups get off the ground, along with the original founder of eWomen. In 2022, Mellissah won "Innovator of the Year" at the WiT Awards, and has been named in the "Top 50 Marketers Globally" and "Top 100 Influencers in Entrepreneurship".


Simone Clow

Co-Founder of Zebrar 

After a long international career in visual effects for television and film, Simone Clow co-founded Australia’s award-winning creative technology company Zebrar in 2017. She and her team merge art and technology to create immersive, interactive experiences that elevate global brands (IBM, Disney,Salesforce, Meta, Accenture) and captivate audiences. As CEO of Zebrar, Simone is at the cutting edge of global tech. She speaks on panels, podcasts and events about the power of immersive technology including XR and Metaverse. A founding member of the Australian Metaverse Advisory Council and named as one of Trailblazing Women Making a Footprint in Business 2023 by Fortune Time Magazine, she loves creating purposeful experiences that add value in a transformative industry. A mother of two who loves boxing and travel, Simone has a personal life evolution story as powerful as her business and technology.

Maureen Gabriel.jpeg

Maureen Gabriel 

Principal In-House Legal Counsel at Blockstars Technology

Maureen is a formidable force in the realms of Australian law and emerging technologies. With a robust educational background including a Bachelor of Laws, a Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice, and a Master of Laws, she excels in navigating the intricate legal landscape with the precision of a samurai warrior. Specializing in Global Law, Policy, and Regulation in Emerging Technologies, and holding an Advanced Diploma in Applied Blockchain Technology, Maureen is the quintessential expert in cutting-edge technological fields. Her role extends beyond conventional legal expertise. As the leader of the Forensic Investigation Unit and a Certified Cryptocurrency Investigator, Maureen excels in digital forensics, skillfully tracing intricate paths in the cryptocurrency world. She passionately advocates for ethical technology use, focusing on protecting digital privacy and data. Recognized globally as a Chartered Certified Compliance Professional in Cryptocurrency and Financial Crimes, Maureen is dedicated to upholding the highest legal and ethical conduct standards. She is a staunch defender of digital rights, emphasizing the importance of data protection and advocating for strong oversight mechanisms to ensure fair and responsible technology use. In the convergence of law and technology, Maureen Gabriel is not just a legal expert but a digital samurai, guiding through the complexities of the modern digital world with her expertise, ethics, and unwavering passion.


Caroline Page 

Head of Communications | Virtually Human Studio

Caroline, a leading Communications Specialist at Virtually Human Studio (VHS), champions diversity and inclusion while pioneering immersive technology experiences, making Web3 and the metaverse accessible to the masses. With a background in marketing and communications across Not-for-Profit, Private, and Public Sectors, she has seamlessly transitioned into emerging tech, leveraging her expertise to shape the future of entertainment at VHS. Integrating herself further in the new frontier, as a Board Member of Kalicoo, Caroline is instrumental in connecting women in Web3, the metaverse, and AI, fostering a community where innovation meets inclusivity.


Her role as a Chief Meta Chick leader involves providing strategic mentorship and resources, enabling members to successfully scale their businesses. Her approach to innovation is both practical and inclusive, focusing on demystifying Web3 to engage a broader audience. Caroline's dedication to making advanced technologies accessible underscores her commitment to empowering diverse voices within the digital landscape.

Rcahael Lucas .jpeg

Rachael Lucas 

BTC Markets - Head of Marketing & Communications 

With over 15 years of experience in the commercial and retail sectors, Rachael is an accomplished marketing and communications professional. In her role as Marketing and Communications Manager at BTC Markets, she is responsible for creating and implementing strategies to drive business growth and market share. Prior to her time at BTC Markets, Rachael worked as Senior Marketing Manager for CBRE, the world's largest commercial real estate and investment firm. For eight years, she gained valuable experience in executing national marketing initiatives and driving ROI for her business lines. Passionate about blockchain technology and its potential to revolutionise the digital economy, Rachael is a skilled stakeholder manager. She holds a Bachelor of Applied Science from RMIT University. 

Laurene .jpeg

Laurene McMeckan

Account Director- Telescope AI

Laurene is the Account Director at Telescope, a company offering generative AI solutions for finance. She leads the company's go-to-market strategy, fostering partnerships with global fintech firms (including brokers and publishers) to integrate Telescope's AI-powered platform into their existing systems. Telescope has already established collaborations with firms that have a combined reach of over 1.8 million users worldwide. Previously, Laurene was Head of Business Development at, a leading blockchain security firm, where she worked with international clients such as L'Oréal and Ava Labs, and contributed to the company's rapid growth (400+ clients in 2 years). Her background as a lawyer and international experience brings a unique perspective to her role. As a mother, Laurene is passionate about setting a strong example for her daughters and encouraging them to fearlessly pursue their dreams.

Electra Frost.jpeg

Electra Frost 

Co-founder Digital Playhouse Foundation 

Electra Frost, a chartered tax adviser and public accountant, specialises in accounting systems for crypto businesses and web3 start-ups. She firmly believes that every accountant will become a crypto accountant. As co-founder of Digital Playhouse Foundation Ltd charity, Electra promotes the adaptation of business and accounting skills with open and permissionless technologies starting with Bitcoin. With 16 years of edgy innovation within her own practice, she has transitioned her professional services model to ElectraFi, to focus on web3 businesses and support accountants in guiding their clients to informed crypto and digital asset adoption. In 2024, she's collaborating with crypto accounting education providers and building a Bitcoin L2 solution called CREDU to allow the public to verify accountants' expertise. Electra's work with The School of Bitcoin and Stacks Australia keeps her actively engaged in the decentralised digital landscape, continually sharing new knowledge, and enjoying life.

Macey Bluebell.jpeg

Macey Bluebell 

CMO of Bit Rivals

Macey Bluebell is the CMO of Bit Rivals, an AI-powered, cross-chain game analytics and rewards platform. With a robust background in cryptocurrency, including a former role as Marketing Manager for the UK, Irish, Canadian and Australian regions at Bitget exchange, she has extensive experience in blockchain startups and projects. Macey's career in crypto began at Coin Bureau, where she launched 'Coin Bureau Live', a conference that featured expert discussions and panels. Her expertise includes developing key partnerships and marketing in the industry.

Nick Sanders.jpeg

Nickie Sanders 

CTO of Realio 

Nicki Sanders is a trailblazing blockchain expert and a seasoned engineer in the web3 space since 2015. Her pioneering contributions in engineering and thought leadership within the digital asset landscape have marked her as a prominent figure in the industry. Sanders' expertise is further highlighted by her multiple patents on smart contract patterns, demonstrating her knack for driving innovation in blockchain technology. Currently, she is the Chief Technology Officer at Realio, where she leverages her deep technical knowledge and innovative spirit to spearhead cutting-edge blockchain solutions. In this role, Sanders continues to push the boundaries of what's possible in the realm of digital assets and blockchain technology. In addition to her role at Realio, Sanders serves as the esteemed Vice Chair at the Utah Blockchain Coalition, actively shaping and advancing Utah's blockchain ecosystem. Her involvement in the coalition underscores her commitment to nurturing the growth and development of the blockchain community at both local and global levels. Holding a bachelor's degree in computer science from the University of Utah, Nicki has built a strong academic foundation that underpins her professional achievements. Her unwavering commitment to innovation and the transformative potential of blockchain technology continues to fuel her leadership, making significant impacts on the future of the digital asset landscape.



CBO for Stader Labs 

Anoothi is the Chief Business officer at Stader Labs, a leading multichain liquid staking solution. Over the last 2.5 years she has scaled up Stader's LST business from $20M to $800M in TVL. Prior to Stader, she was working with McKinsey & Company in New York. She is a Baker Scholar graduate of Harvard Business School (Class of 2021). She is currently based out of Dubai.

Julia Guz.jpeg

Julia Guz

Head of Business Development 

Julia emerges as a dynamic trailblazer, seamlessly navigating Web3 technology and Wellness. Over the past 2.5 years, Julia has been a driving force at Cirus, a Web3 company reimagining value capture on the internet. In under 2 years, she advanced from project manager to various leadership positions, becoming the youngest and only woman in the company. With exceptional leadership and strategic prowess, Julia has led major product launches, restructured teams, established key partnerships, and played a pivotal role as a core team operator. Simultaneously, Julia embodies profound spiritual wisdom and a passion for empowering women and youth. As a Motivational Speaker, Workshop Facilitator, and Energy Healer, she helps others release limiting beliefs and tap into their inner power through immersive experiences. Empowerment is at the heart of everything Julia does. Whether she’s educating others about financial independence or guiding others to achieve a success mindset, Julia uses her voice to create real change. From leading Web3 workshops in Nigeria to facilitating women’s wellness circles in Canada, Julia is dedicated to uplifting others and making a positive impact in their lives.

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