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Laurene McMeckan

Account Director for Telescope AI 

Laurene is the Account Director at Telescope, a company offering generative AI solutions for finance. She leads the company's go-to-market strategy, fostering partnerships with global fintech firms (including brokers and publishers) to integrate Telescope's AI-powered platform into their existing systems. Telescope has already established collaborations with firms that have a combined reach of over 1.8 million users worldwide. Previously, Laurene was Head of Business Development at, a leading blockchain security firm, where she worked with international clients such as L'Oréal and Ava Labs, and contributed to the company's rapid growth (400+ clients in 2 years). Her background as a lawyer and international experience brings a unique perspective to her role. As a mother, Laurene is passionate about setting a strong example for her daughters and encouraging them to fearlessly pursue their dreams.

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Laurene's Leap: Navigating AI with Innovation and Integrity

Laurene stands at the intersection of AI and Web3, pioneering solutions that promise not only to innovate but also to integrate these technologies with our daily lives. Her journey is marked by a deep commitment to exploring the frontiers of technology, guided by mentors, hands-on projects, and a vibrant community of thinkers and builders. Through her work at Telescope and collaborations with industry giants, Laurene's insights into the evolving world of artificial intelligence and blockchain reflect a future where technology enhances human potential rather than replaces it.

Laurene, can you share with us who are your must follows in the industry to stay up to date?

"I keep a close eye on insightful newsletters like The Rundown AI, Linas Beliūnas' newsletter or Superhuman by Zain Kahn to stay in the loop. I also follow any updates or announcements from key players in the field, such as OpenAI, Anthropic, DeepMind, and Google AI. Engaging with the AI community on LinkedIn is another great way to stay informed about the latest trends and discussions. Researchers and experts often share valuable insights on social media platforms."

What resources were pivotal in starting your career in crypto?

"It's really a combination of the people who supported me, the hands-on experience I gained, and the wealth of information available online. I was fortunate to have great mentors who shared their knowledge and encouraged me to take on new challenges. At the same time, I made sure to dive into practical projects and learn by doing. With so many online resources like courses, tutorials etc. I could always find the information I needed to keep growing in the tech space."

Everyone's talking about AI. What’s your bold take on its future?

"I think AI will become more of a partner that works alongside humans rather than a tool that replaces us. Sure, there will jobs tasks that will get automated, but we'll see new roles pop up where people collaborate with AI to solve tricky problems. Just look at industries like healthcare, where AI is already helping doctors spot diseases faster and more accurately. This team-up could free us up to focus on the things that make us uniquely human. Even as AI gets better at "thinking" and problem-solving, there will always be a place for human creativity and critical thinking. We have this unique way of looking at the world that's shaped by our experiences, emotions, and relationships. I think that if we can create AI that's transparent, accountable, and aligned with our values, then we're on the right track to a future where everyone benefits (and that's where blockchain could in my opinion play a key role, by securing and verifying the information AI systems work with."

You've been involved in some amazing projects. Is there one that stands out for you?

"I'm really happy to be working at Telescope, where I have the opportunity to partner with global fintech companies to deliver innovative AI solutions. It's exciting to be working at the cutting edge of this field, developing technologies that could have a meaningful impact. Being part of a team that's pushing the envelope in AI and finance is really great. Before joining Telescope, I had the privilege of collaborating with impressive clients such as L'Oreal, Ava Labs, Gnosis, and many other top-tier builders in web3 during my time at Omniscia. What gives me the most satisfaction is the caliber of the companies I get to work with and the fact that they chose to work with us because of our commitment to excellence and quality."

What excites you the most about working in the AI space?

"I love being at the cutting edge of tech. It's the future, it's fast-paced and exhilarating. I want to focus on what's ahead and learn as much as I can along the way. It's amazing working with innovators and forward-thinking people who are driving progress. It helps me learn and grow. The constant change and the ups and downs keep me on my toes, always having to adapt. It's the opposite of boring! I get to work with startups that have huge potential. Being able to contribute to their success is so rewarding. I meet and collaborate with incredible people that I wouldn't have the chance to if I stayed in the traditional corporate world. Both the AI and Web3 space attract brilliant minds and pioneers from all sorts of backgrounds. They all tend to have an explorer mindset, they are prepared to take risks, understanding the rewards and impact can be great."


What do you find to be the most challenging aspect of working in AI, and how do you navigate these challenges?

"It's the same thing that makes it amazing: the pace of change. It's a constant race trying to stay ahead of the curve, keeping up with the latest developments while also delivering high-quality work. But I've found that the key is to embrace it and see it as an opportunity for growth!"

What advice would you give to other women aspiring to enter and make an impact in the AI or Web3 industry?


"Don't let imposter syndrome hold you back. This space is still in its early stages, and there's so much opportunity for innovation and leadership. Seek out communities and networks of other women in the space who can offer support and a sense of belonging. And don't be afraid to bring your authentic self to the table."

As Laurene navigates the rapidly changing landscape of AI, her story is a testament to the power of perseverance, curiosity, and the drive to make a meaningful impact. Her advice to other women looking to enter this space is a clarion call to overcome doubt with action and to find strength in the community. In a field that's as much about the future as it is about the present, Laurene's vision offers a roadmap for those ready to explore the endless possibilities of technology with integrity, creativity, and a commitment to shared progress.

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