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Meet Maureen Gabriel
Principal In-House Legal Counsel at Blockstars Technology


Maureen Gabriel, Principal In-House Legal Counsel at Blockstars Technology, is a formidable force in the realms of Australian law and emerging technologies. With a robust educational background including a Bachelor of Laws, a Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice, and a Master of Laws, she excels in navigating the intricate legal landscape with the precision of a samurai warrior. Specializing in Global Law, Policy, and Regulation in Emerging Technologies, and holding an Advanced Diploma in Applied Blockchain Technology, Maureen is the quintessential expert in cutting-edge technological fields. Her role extends beyond conventional legal expertise. As the Forensic Investigation Unit leader and a Certified Cryptocurrency Investigator, Maureen excels in digital forensics, skillfully tracing intricate paths in the cryptocurrency world. She passionately advocates for ethical technology use, focusing on protecting digital privacy and data. Recognized globally as a Chartered Certified Compliance Professional in Cryptocurrency and Financial Crimes, Maureen is dedicated to upholding the highest legal and ethical conduct standards. She is a staunch defender of digital rights, emphasizing the importance of data protection and advocating for strong oversight mechanisms to ensure fair and responsible technology use. In the convergence of law and technology, Maureen Gabriel is not just a legal expert but a digital samurai, guiding through the complexities of the modern digital world with her expertise, ethics, and unwavering passion.

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Navigating the Future: A Conversation with Maureen on the Frontlines of Web3 and Crypto

In an era where technology reshapes our world at an unprecedented pace, the realms of blockchain, cryptocurrency, and Web3 are at the forefront of this digital revolution. Today, we sit down with Maureen, a seasoned professional in the forensic investigation of digital assets, who shares her invaluable insights into the rapidly evolving landscape of cryptocurrency and Web3. With a career spanning regulatory compliance, on-chain investigations, and a keen eye on the future of digital identity and asset tokenization, Maureen offers a unique perspective on the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in this dynamic industry.

Maureen, can you share with us who are your must follows in the industry to stay up to date?

"I tend to utilise LinkedIn mainly and follow regulatory body pages such as ASIC or the SEC. Due to my involvement in forensic investigation, I also follow a lot of intelligence departments or law enforcement to keep up to date with what's happening in the space."

What resources were pivotal in starting your career in crypto?

"You can probably tell by my list of qualifications that I do tend to lean towards structured learning such as university studies. However, given how new the technology was back when I first got interested in it, and the fact that their was so much uncertainty around whether or not it was just all hype and speculation and would even still be a thing in a year or 2, there wasn't much formal education around. So at the time, I also relied a lot on things like YouTube. YouTube is amazing, you can learn a lot about most things on there."

Everyone's talking about Web3. What’s your bold take on its future?

"Web3 is continuing to push through and gaining more and more adoption despite how slow it may feel. Between things like tokenization of real-world assets being tracked by smart contracts, to the growing use of tokenization by enterprise companies for things like supply chain monitoring and financial applications. We are constantly seeing new laws and regulations being introduced all over the world, this enhances trust and legitimacy. We are seeing web3 become more and more integrated with traditional financial institutions. People are starting to see and feel the value of digital identity, especially as we are beginning to see the markets flooded deep fakes, blockchain technology offers solutions to such problems due to its decentralized and tamper-resistant nature. The list goes on and on and on. I believe that all large companies will need to have blockchain and AI integrated in their 5 year plans and if they don't, they risk falling behind."

You've been involved in some amazing projects. Is there one that stands out for you?

"I am particularly proud of the work we've been able to do in the forensic on chain investigation space and some of the outcomes we've been able to deliver to our clients. Last week I helped my client avoid taking on a bad collateral asset based loan that could have potentially caused them to lose 8 Million Dollars. We've also been able to help people that believe that they have potentially been the victim of a scam by investigating their matters and providing them with evidence based reports that they can rely on. It doesn't stop there, we were able to help creditors that invested a lot of money into a companies that went into liquidation by detecting when directors were funnelling company money and trying to hide them in digital assets. Same has applied when we've seen breakdown of marriage and a spouse trying to take part of the property asset pool and hide it in cryptocurrency. It's extremely rewarding being in the front line of so many of these matters and being able to make such a difference to the outcomes."

What excites you the most about working in the Web3 space?

"I love it because almost no two days are the same. It's so fast paced, we like to joke in the office that it moves in dog years. There's always something new and exciting happening in these industries."


What do you find to be the most challenging aspect of working in Web3, and how do you navigate these challenges?

"For me personally, one of the more challenging aspects of working in this space is keeping up with the ever changing laws and regulations. I also work on a lot of international matters due to the boardeless nature of these technologies. This requires the navigation of not only local and national laws and legislations but also cross jurisdictional laws and regulations as they apply in other countries then you have the additional of global requirements. You've got to keep it all in mind depending on what you're working on at the time and they are always changing."

What advice would you give to other women aspiring to enter and make an impact in the AI or Web3 industry?


"Just do it. TRY. Give it a go. You lose nothing by putting yourself out there. One of my biggest pieces of advice is to network! Get out there, meet other people in the space and learn from those already doing the things you want to do." 

It's clear that the journey into Web3 and crypto is not just about understanding technology, but also about embracing change, facing challenges head-on, and constantly learning. Maureen's experiences and achievements remind us that in the fast-paced world of digital assets, staying informed, adaptable, and proactive are key to making an impact. For those aspiring to make their mark in AI or Web3, Maureen's advice rings true: take the leap, network, and immerse yourself in the community. With passion and perseverance, the possibilities are boundless. As we continue to navigate the complexities of this digital frontier, Maureen's insights serve as a beacon for innovators and explorers alike, charting a course toward a more interconnected and decentralized future.

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