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Meet Mellissah Smith
Founder of Robotic Marketer 

Mellissah Smith is a serial entrepreneur having successfully grown three companies internationally. From marketing and publishing to AI technology, Mellissah has been at the forefront of innovation and business for more than 25 years. Her company Marketing Eye has been named in the "Top 10 Marketing Strategy Consulting Firms" in the US. She is a published author, well-known public speaker, philanthropist and mentor. Mellissah is also the founder of The World Incubator, a not-for-profit that helps rural and regional community startups get off the ground, along with the original founder of eWomen. In 2022, Mellissah won "Innovator of the Year" at the WiT Awards, and has been named in the "Top 50 Marketers Globally" and "Top 100 Influencers in Entrepreneurship".

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AI & Marketing: Insights from Mellissah's Journey

Step into the world of AI and marketing with Mellissah as she shares her must-follows, pivotal resources, and bold predictions for the future.


Mellissah, can you share with us who are your must follows in the industry to stay up to date?

"I follow Gwynne Shotwell, Safra Catz, Elizabeth Stone, Harvard Business Review, Elon Musk, Dr Fei-Fei Li"

What resources were pivotal in starting your career in crypto?

"I started my career in an era where computers were just starting to be used. A clunky desktop that did very little other than type was cutting-edge, so reading was key. Always being curious enough to learn is the biggest resource one can have -- and asking questions!"

Everyone's talking about Web3. What’s your bold take on its future?

" In the context of Web3's evolution, my prediction centres on the transformative integration of artificial intelligence and decentralised technologies, redefining the paradigms of digital marketing and business strategy. Web3, with its inherent decentralisation, blockchain foundation and tokenisation, promises a future where data sovereignty and peer-to-peer interactions become the norm rather than the exception.


For marketers and strategists, this heralds a shift towards highly personalised, AI-driven campaigns that leverage the decentralised web to engage with audiences in more meaningful, secure and transparent ways. The convergence of Web3 with AI technologies, such as those steered by Robotic Marketer, will enable the creation of marketing strategies that are not only data-driven but also inherently adaptable to the fluid dynamics of decentralised ecosystems.


This integration will facilitate unparalleled customer insights, foster genuine brand-customer relationships, and change-up the efficiency of marketing resource allocation. As Web3 matures, I anticipate the emergence of DAOs becoming pivotal in marketing strategy formulation and execution, with tokenomics playing a crucial role in incentivising and measuring engagement. This will challenge current marketing frameworks, requiring a reimagining of how value is created, delivered and captured. The future of Web3 is not just about the technology itself but about how it enables a more democratic, user-centric internet ecosystem that reshapes how we think about connectivity, commerce and community moving forward. From my own profession within the paradigm of AI and marketing, the potential for innovation is clear through the strategic fusion of AI and decentralised technologies."

You've been involved in some amazing projects. Is there one that stands out for you?

"As the founder of Robotic Marketer, a significant achievement that stands out in the Web3 space is the development and launch of a decentralised marketing strategy platform. This pioneering platform leverages blockchain technology to ensure transparency, security and data sovereignty for our users. By integrating AI-driven analytics and strategic planning tools within a decentralised framework, we've empowered businesses to create and execute marketing strategies with unparalleled precision and privacy."

What excites you the most about working in the Web3 space?

"It's potential and the what's next when we hit Web4. We will find new innovators come through the ranks that may never use a computer in their lifetime, perhaps only interacting with wearable devices. What they reimagine is what is going to be most exciting. We are at the cusp of total reinvention."


What do you find to be the most challenging aspect of working in Web3, and how do you navigate these challenges?

"Challenges are not so much the problem. It is perception versus reality. Better education rather than an overuse of buzz words is key to alignment."

What advice would you give to other women aspiring to enter and make an impact in the AI or Web3 industry?


"Stand up for what you believe in. Don't hold back if you have something to say, regardless of whether there is a possibility that you won't get 100% buy-in. Do your homework, but don't let fear stop you from the potential of failure. Let other women join you on the podium. Don't stand alone because that won't change the ability of women to achieve equal billing. Be the biggest champions for your competitors. There is plenty of room at the top. Don't buy brands, buy value. And last but not least, "Be successful by your own definition, not someone else's.

Mellissah's journey in the realm of AI and marketing offers invaluable insights and inspiration for aspiring women aiming to make a significant impact in these dynamic industries.

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