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Fostering Connections: Engage and Innovate in the World of Emerging Tech

Virtual Team Meeting

Virtual Events

Embracing the power of technology, we connect women in tech from all corners of the globe through our virtual events. We host an array of online activities including informative webinars, networking opportunities, and immersive workshops. Industry leaders share insights on hot topics like Web3, AI, diversity, and inclusion. With our virtual events, we cultivate an inclusive global community where distance is no barrier to connection, learning, and empowerment.

IRL Events 

Our community events are platforms for interaction, insight, and inspiration. From networking forums that create opportunities for collaboration, to panel discussions that stimulate thought and encourage dialogue, each event strengthens the sense of unity and collective mission. These gatherings offer you a chance to engage in enriching discussions, gain perspectives from industry leaders, and forge enduring connections within the tech ecosystem. 

Business Meeting
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Signature Events

 Our signature events are grand affairs that bring together the global Women in Digital Economy community. From large-scale conventions, packed with career-advancing opportunities, to gala award nights that shine a spotlight on the achievements of women in tech, our signature events are a celebration of the transformative power of technology and the women who harness it. These events offer unparalleled networking opportunities, keynote speeches from top industry leaders, and informative panel discussions that will leave you inspired and ready to make your mark in the digital economy.

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