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Educational Workshops

Fuel Your Future: Powering Up Skills in Emerging Tech

VR Goggles

Web3 & AI Workshops

Immerse yourself in the cutting-edge realms of Web3 and AI technologies through our intensive, hands-on workshops. Get the opportunity to learn from and interact with industry pioneers, acquiring practical skills and first-hand experience with these transformative technologies. Turn curiosity into proficiency and get ahead in the digital revolution.

Digital & Financial Empowerment Workshops

Designed for women ready to conquer the tech industry, our workshops elevate your digital and financial literacy skills. We ensure you understand the essentials, from online safety to advanced digital tool usage, alongside critical financial competencies such as budgeting and investing. Equip yourself with a comprehensive skill set for a confident and successful transition into the tech realm.

Women in Workshop
All Hands In
All Hands In

Diversity & Inclusion Advocacy Workshops

Our workshops champion the cause of diversity and inclusion in tech. Participate in insightful discussions on challenges and devise strategies for fostering more inclusive tech spaces. Become an advocate for change and contribute to making the tech industry a place where everyone can thrive.

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