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Join the Founding Members Waitlist today and secure an exclusive lifetime membership for just $1 per month!

Shape the future of women in Web3! Gain access to cutting-edge mentorship and educational programs, while forging powerful connections with industry leaders.

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Why Join the Waitlist 

Lifetime Membership Deal: By joining our waitlist, you secure an exclusive opportunity to access our lifetime membership deal when we launch securing a lifetime of learning, mentorship, and growth.

Influence Our Future Programs: Your voice matters. Have a say in shaping our future programs and services, influencing our direction and focus.

Discounts on Events: Get exclusive discounts on our impactful events—from networking sessions to skill-building workshops, experience it all at a reduced rate.

Monthly Webinars: Tap into the wealth of knowledge shared by industry leaders and tech gurus with access to our monthly members-only webinars. Stay on top of the latest trends and developments in Web3 and AI technologies.

Access to Gated Community: Join an exclusive community of like-minded individuals, where you can engage in stimulating discussions, seek advice, share resources, and build strong, professional relationships.

Don't miss this unique opportunity. Join the waitlist today, and step into a future where women lead the way in the digital economy!

Founding Member Recognition: Acknowledge their early support with special recognition on your website, at events, and within the community.

Priority Access to Programs and Events: You'll be at the front of the line with early or priority access to register for our sought-after programs, courses, workshops, and events

Exclusive Founding Member Events: Be part of exclusive gatherings we organize only for our Founding Members. These events could include insightful roundtable discussions with industry leaders, exclusive webinars, or networking events.

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