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Mentorship Programs 

Navigate Emerging Technologies with Industry Mentor

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Digital Skills Program

Our mentorship program is crafted to propel you forward in the world of emerging technologies such as Blockchain, AI, DeFi, and more. No matter your experience level, from beginners to advanced learners, our program equips you with crucial knowledge and guides your development journey in the digital economy. Under the tutelage of seasoned tech professionals, discover your potential and excel in the tech landscape.

Career Transition Program

Whether you're a professional aiming to pivot into tech or a mum preparing to return to the workforce, our mentorship program is designed to make your transition seamless.     We offer personalized guidance through every step of your journey, from mastering new tech skills to enhancing your resume and preparing for interviews.

Our mentors, experienced tech professionals, provide support and insights to help you confidently navigate this exciting career transformation.

Business Meeting
Business Meeting
Young Businesspeople

Male Allies Program

: Our Male Allies Program not only encourages men to become supportive partners for women in tech, but also provides insights into the emerging tech industry. It's a dual opportunity - to understand and tackle gender equality challenges and to explore personal growth avenues in the dynamic world of technology. Embrace the chance to become an active ally and a tech leader of tomorrow.

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