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Julia Guz  
Head of Business Development  

Julia emerges as a dynamic trailblazer, seamlessly navigating Web3 technology and Wellness. Over the past 2.5 years, Julia has been a driving force at Cirus, a Web3 company reimagining value capture on the internet. In under 2 years, she advanced from project manager to various leadership positions, becoming the youngest and only woman in the company at the time. With exceptional leadership and strategic prowess, Julia has led major product launches, restructured teams, established key partnerships, and played a pivotal role as a core team operator. Simultaneously, Julia embodies profound spiritual wisdom and a passion for empowering women and youth. As a Motivational Speaker, Workshop Facilitator, and Energy Healer, she helps others release limiting beliefs and tap into their inner power through immersive experiences. Empowerment is at the heart of everything Julia does. Whether she’s educating others about financial independence or guiding others to achieve a successful mindset, Julia uses her voice to create real change. From leading Web3 workshops in Nigeria to facilitating women’s wellness circles in Canada, Julia is dedicated to uplifting others and making a positive impact in their lives.

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Empowering the Future: Insights and Experiences from Julia at Cirus

​Check out this insightful interview with Julia, a key innovator at Cirus, who has significantly contributed to the Web3 industry. Julia’s journey is marked by groundbreaking achievements and a deep understanding of decentralized technology. In this interview, she shares her strategies for staying updated, the pivotal resources that shaped her career, and her bold vision for the future of Web3. Join us as we delve into Julia's inspiring journey and the valuable lessons she has learned along the way.

Julia, can you share with us who you follow in the web3 industry to stay up to date?

"Milkroad is great for beginners and quick bites to reach every day to stay up to date. Other news sources - The Block, Coindesk, Cointelegraph. Anthony Pomp is a great source for overall economy outlooks, asset management, and bitcoin updates. Also signing up to his newsletter is a great idea for in-depth updates every day.


Bankless is a great podcast to stay updated in the industry, it's great for beginners and intermediates especially for deep dives in topics. Coinmarketcap - a must to stay updated on project standing, winners/losers, trending industry trends, narratives.


Telegram Groups - joining telegram groups is an amazing way to understand what is truly going on in the industry based on your interests and the narratives you are sticking to. For examples DEPIN - Hades Web3 is a great channel to stay up to date on new projects in that narrative. There are a ton of telegram groups run by KOLs, influencers in this ecosystem.


A16Z is great for overall industry reports, quarterly reports, etc. X - Twitter is great to keep your ear to the ground and be in the know for what conversations are happening."

What resources were pivotal in starting your career in crypto?

"DYOR - getting started in the Web3 industry can feel overwhelming, especially if you are coming from a non-tech background. However, I am a strong believer of there is nothing you can't learn, you just have to be dedicated, consistent, and persistent. I come from a Business Background, and went to Schulich School of Business, a top business school in Canada. One thing I learned during my undergrad is the power of Getting Things Done and taking matters into your own hands.


This was my approach when I started:


1)Create a plan for yourself with goals, targets, and milestones.


2)Be prepared to Self-teach. Yes, there are courses you could take from colleges/universities but I suggest doing your own research first through podcasts, reports, articles, videos. (Whiteboard crypto is a great youtube channel for explaning complex topics in simple terms).


3)Take a phased approach in your learning and start from the basics. There is a lot of knowledge in this space and it can get very technical, so my suggestion is don't pressure yourself to learn everything.


4)Find mentors - I was lucky to have amazing business leaders and coworkers around me who were great teachers. I would literally call my coworkers and ask them every possible question on my mind, do my best to understand the answer, and come back with more questions. I remember I would get on a team call with all the guys and our founder Michael would challenge me on the spot with fire-burning questions like "Explain Web3 to us" "What is a blockchain" Not going to lie, being put on the spot like that is not easy but it is the most effective way to learn. So say yes to not knowing and making mistakes first!


5) Join Communities - This is key! I learned so much from talking to like minded people in the industry, asking them questions, understand their WHY for being in the industry and learning about the projects they are working on. Curiosity, connection and community are the absolutely 2 values that helped me succeed in this industry.


6) Attend conferences, meetups, in person events. There are a ton of events in the Web3 space and it is an incredible way to gain insights, hear expert opinions, draw your own opinions, and connect with people in the space.

Everyone's talking about Web3. What’s your bold take on its future?

"Great Question! AI is definitely the buzz in Web3 and Tech and for good reason. We've seen rapid growth and the industry is expected to reach 1.3 trillion by 2030. The problem with the current AI landscape is it's greatly centralized and run by companies like Microsoft, Anthropic, OpenAI, leaving the rest of the builders, contributors, and end users out of the value equation.


My 6th sense paired with industry trends is telling me that Decentralized AI will be more than just a hype movement and projects with a truly decentralized AI fullstack and a sustainable business model will be leading the forefront for the next wave of innovation. Out of all of the AI projects we are seeing, only a handful are actually driving real use impacts across the ecosystem, most are slapping the words AI but missing core technological innovation under the hood.

You've been involved in some amazing projects. Is there one that stands out for you?

"Absolutely, I am very proud of our recent Mobile Cirus App Launch. It has been amazing to see people worldwide experience Cirus. We've spent a lot of time on our UI and UX to make it intuitive, elegant, and simple to use. It has been a journey getting this product from a state of MVP in 2021 to a full product suite with both an Web3 Extension and Mobile App in 2024.


We've got over 13,000 users on our platform that can

1) Earn for their data

2) Turn it into crypto, and

3) Join Web3 seamlessly.

I am really excited for our next phase, we'll be doing a lot more innovation in our app that invites new industry leaders into our ecosystem and brings something unique to our users. Another project I am very honoured to be a part of, which in my opinion will be a game changer for the AI industry. Can't reveal all of the details yet, but soon this project will be making big waves in the industry. Stay tuned!"

What excites you the most about working in the Web3 space?

"What excites me the most is the impact Web3 technology can make in people's lives. To me this industry was never about hype or flying to the MOON haha, I mean I love it don't get me wrong but I get excited about giving value back to people. In the current financial economy, people are at a real downturn across the world. When we think about regions like Argentina, Nigeria, Turkey, Venezuela - their inflation numbers are utterly high. Argentina is above 200x, Venezuela 100x, Turkey above 50x. Local currency is actually melting in people's hands the moment they get it. This is a huge problem and Web3 is a necessary solution. Stablecoins have been a huge game changer to these regions because now they can hold value in a net-new asset without worrying about hyperinflation, or government control and corruption.


New sources of income are also possible through the tokenization of assets in the Web3 ecosystem and this is a huge accelerator for individuals in developing countries. When I first got into Web3, I left my corporate job and joined the Cirus team because of the purpose-driven mission that Cirus is built on. I remember a pivotal moment in feeling the TRUE value of Web3 was with the Cirus team in Nigeria. We had gone to Nigeria as sponsors to support our partner who was launching a technology and innovation hub for youth.


As part of that initiative, I led a workshop on Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, and Cirus's role in Web3. Seeing their eyes light up with a new possibility that helps their financial situation was a huge life moment for me. It became very clear to me WHY Web3 and it became my anchor point in building relationships with partners, pushing the business forward, and working with projects that are here to make a real world impact."


What do you find to be the most challenging aspect of working in Web3, and how do you navigate these challenges?

"It's a fast paced, intensive, and male-dominated industry. I have been very blessed to work with amazing men by my side, who supported me, offered fantastic mentorship, and new opportunities. When I joined Cirus, I was the youngest and only female with a team of over 10. I definitely put a lot of pressure on myself to excel, execute, be the go-to person, and be a star performer on the team which can cause burnout, exhaustion, and stress. Needless to say I am blessed to have this experience with me as my secret weapon.


Through my dedication and commitment to the team, I have learned what it takes to become irreplaceable in any organization. When you are the only woman it can feel intimidating and you may also feel this weight of representing all other women well, defying any of the stereotypes of us being overly emotional, sensitive, bossy, or too b*tchy. So that was my personal challenge navigating the industry which I was able to navigate through practice, personal growth and spiritual wisdom. I navigate most of my challenges in very unique spiritual ways and it's been my key to the top for sure. It was also tough to find female mentors that I could be open with and confide in. Once I learned the ropes, my goal was to bring on an amazing woman onto the team who could confide in me and see me as her biggest supporter. I think it's really important to have a sounding board that you can be 100% yourself with and know that person has your back and truly cares for your success and wellbeing.

What advice would you give to other women aspiring to enter and make an impact in the Web3 industry?


"Listen to your intuition. My intuition is my guiding force in making any important decision, it is your own cheat code to all the answers we seek. If you feel in your heart that you want to be in Web3, there is excitement and passion in your chest - do it. If there is fear holding you back from trying something or doing something, you should especially go do that thing. I am big proponent in slaying your fears or they will slay you and keep you stagnant.


At the core of Web3 is ownership, and that translates to all areas of our life. If you want to create a better, more abundant life for yourself - then we must take ownership. If that means, becoming a student in the Web3 industry, starting from ground zero, and making your way to the top - go for it! Anything is achievable with a plan and persistence. You can also always reach out to me as well. I am that kind of person with whom after talking to me, you will have a fire in you to go do what you really want to do."

Thank you, Julia, for sharing your profound insights and experiences with us today. Your dedication to innovation and commitment to making a real-world impact in the Web3 space is truly inspiring. As the industry continues to evolve, your contributions and forward-thinking vision will undoubtedly shape its future. We appreciate your advice and encouragement for aspiring women in tech and look forward to seeing the remarkable advancements you and your team at Cirus will achieve in the years to come.

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