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CBO of Stader Labs 

Anoothi is the Chief Business officer at Stader Labs, a leading multichain liquid staking solution. Over the last 2.5 years, she has scaled up Stader's LST business from $20M to $800M in TVL. Prior to Stader, she was working with McKinsey & Company in New York. She is a Baker Scholar graduate of Harvard Business School (Class of 2021). She is currently based out of Dubai.

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Pioneering Web3: Insights and Experiences from Anoothi at Stader Labs

Check out this insightful interview with Anoothi, a key figure at Stader Labs who has significantly contributed to the evolution of the Web3 industry. Anoothi’s journey is marked by groundbreaking achievements and a deep understanding of the decentralized world. In this interview, she shares her strategies for staying current in the rapidly changing Web3 landscape, the pivotal resources that have shaped her career, and her bold vision for the future of decentralized technologies. Join us as we explore Anoothi's fascinating journey and the valuable lessons she has learned along the way.

Anoothi, can you share with us who you follow in the web3 industry to stay up to date?

"To keep current in the industry, I follow Chris Dixon, Vitalik Buterin, Bankless, DeFiant, a16z and Paul Veradittakit"

What resources were pivotal in starting your career in crypto?

"The resources that were pivotal in starting my career are as follows:


1. The Power of Network: Network of seniors and mentors who guided me every step of the way. As I further progressed in my career, I more deeply realized the power of networks and the ability to seek as well as provide support to your community for a strong personal and professional network.


2. Pursuit of Excellence: This may not apply to everyone but having graduated top of my class in undergrad and then with the highest academic achievement (Baker Scholar) at Harvard Business School instilled a great sense of self confidence in me. Sometimes we as women need a lot more external validation to believe in ourselves. So try to be the best in the small things you pick up and build your confidence brick by brick so that you can aim higher.


3. Self-Belief: The confidence to always aim for the best opportunities for myself even if I felt that I did not have all the skill sets for it. Self-doubt is the greatest limiting factor for women in their career 4. Strong quantitative skills, problem solving and structured thinking: These are critical general skills that helped me adapt and excel in my roles 5. Learning Agility: Your career is a marathon more than a sprint. So always be willing to learn, adapt and grow. Don't be afraid of new things and be forever curious to learn. One thing I have realized is that no matter what anyone tells you and no matter how complex something looks, anything can be learnt if you persevere."

Everyone's talking about Web3. What’s your bold take on its future?

"I hope and believe that the future of Web 3 includes the below:


1. Greater Accessibility via Account Abstraction: The future of Web3 should be a world of extreme convenience, accessibility and ease of use. This can be enabled via account abstraction so that users can use any Web3 application without the cumbersome process of maintaining multiple wallets for different asset types, maintaining the private key of their multiple wallers and navigating multiple chains via multiple bridges.


2. Streamlined Regulations: The future of Web3 should be an era of streamlined regulations and less regulatory uncertainty to promote wider adoption of digital assets across global economy.


3. Higher Performance at Low Cost: Current on-chain transactions are significantly more expensive than off-chain transactions. With high performance L2s coming up , the transaction speed will significantly go up and transaction costs will match Web 2 servers, thereby resulting in a much wider adoption of on chain asset management and activity.."

You've been involved in some amazing projects. Is there one that stands out for you?

"Some really path breaking projects include:


1. Stader Labs - Having built Stader's LST business from ground up, I am extremely proud of our journey over the last 2.5 years. We were one of the few projects that survived the Terra collapse and built during the bear market, growing our TVL from $20M to $800M


2. Dydx - the first crypto perp dex, expanding the use cases of crypto trading to the derivatives market


3. EigenLayer - Novel innovation to make applications on Ethereum more scalable thanks to the shared security of ETH blockchain."

What excites you the most about working in the Web3 space?

"What excites me most about Web3 is the speed of evolution in this market. Working in Web3 is like seeing a financial system being built from scratch and being able to meaningfully contribute in this rapidly growing new world of finance. By bringing power to the users through ownership of their data and assets, Web3 will bring a paradigm shift in the internet economy."


What do you find to be the most challenging aspect of working in Web3, and how do you navigate these challenges?

"The most challenging aspect of working in Web3 is the regulatory uncertainties that limit business growth and accessibility of solutions. Another challenging aspect is that Web3 is a rapidly evolving space and needs businesses to constantly adapt to changing market dynamics."

What advice would you give to other women aspiring to enter and make an impact in the Web3 industry?


"1. Be curious to learn: A successful journey in Web3 involves continuous learning and the agility to adapt to changing market conditions


2. Build a strong network: Web3 is a small and growing community. leverage social media such as telegram, Twitter and discord to connect with projects and people in the industry. Attend physical conferences whenever possible to deepen your network."


Thank you, Anoothi, for sharing your profound insights and experiences with us today. Your dedication to innovation and continuous learning in the Web3 space is truly inspiring. As the industry continues to evolve, your contributions and forward-thinking vision will undoubtedly shape its future. We appreciate your advice and encouragement for aspiring women in tech and look forward to seeing the remarkable advancements you and your team at Stader Labs will achieve in the coming years.

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